Leather Tanning
Friday, Sep 8, 2017

Tanning is a process for preventing leather fibers from deformation of microorganisms and increases the durability of leather. Tanning is leather processing, therefore it is a process of leather which is exposed to physical and chemical processes in order to provide industrial usage. 

Deformability of leather can cause serious problems in usage, however tanning is the crucial level for providing durability and accessibility for leather. 

In tanning process, collagen amino and carboxyl groups are processes to come together with different comnpunds by mineral, herbal and chemical bounds in order to increase durability.

Tanning phrase takes its name from the tannery at which leather is processed. Every letaher maker cannot be a tanner since leather maker form a group of manifacture, shoe-making and other letaher stuff. Tanner is the person who makes tanning.

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